Top 5 NBA Signature Celebration Moves: LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan and more

Athletics is more than rhythm and flash; it is the explosive moments when emotions take hold.
 Fans and viewers crave these exciting occasions on their television screens. LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan, and more: these are the Top 5 NBA Signature Celebration Moves.
Check them out!

Lebron James- “The Silencer”

Lebron James once drained a 20-foot bomb against Paul Pierce and the Boston Celtics With a simple in and out move, James rose above the 6'8" forward.

Kent Bazemore- “Bazemoring” 

During his first two seasons in Golden State, Kent Bazemore celebrated with a ludicrous, absurd, and outrageous festival called Bazmoring.

Michael Jordan-Tongue Sticking Out

In 1992, he beat the Trail Blazers with a legendary free-throw jumper, and in 1989, he reached the NBA's highest jump after beating the Cavaliers.

Ray Allen- “Flick of the Wrist”

Ray Allen's classic signature celebration fits his art. Using his three fingers, Allen flicked his wrist to indicate he is on target.

Stephen Curry- Chest Tap and Point

Each time Curry makes a basket, he pounded his chest and points upwards as a constant reminder of his strength through Christ.

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