Upsetting Squid Game Director, Beef with Soulja Boy & Other Controversial LeBron James Has Been a Part of

Despite all that he has achieved over the course of his spectacular career, LeBron James has had quite a few ups and downs on the way. 

From beef's with the entertainment world, team to squabbles with fans, there isn't anything he hasn't been involved with. 

Here is his topmost beef's! 


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MVP Voting 

Voting for the Most Valuable Player is a very subjective thing. Despite all that LeBron has achieved, there haven't been many votes for him since 2014, and has only won 4 MVP awards. But when he hardly got any votes in 2020 and Giannis took the MVO crown instead, he went off on a rant and explained that it really pissed him off. 

Credit: Youtube/PHP

Rivalry with Joakim Noah

This rivalry with Noah goes way back.  What started with Bron dancing and mocking the Bulls during his first stint with the Cavs turned to several back and forths on the court, trash-talking and, getting into each other's face. Bron really pulled at Joakim's strings. So much, that he even insulted Cleveland for it during an interview. 

Credit: Youtube/mike sham

Crab Dribble

The 'Crab Dribble' isn't a very common term but it's actually another word for traveling. In 2009, Cleveland Cavaliers played the Washington Wizards and lost 80-77. On his way to a bucket, Bron was criticized for taking too many steps. However, Bron even provided an explanation for what he did. That's how big of a deal it became.

Credit: Youtube/theassociation

Larry Brown's Athens ROtation

There was said to be some unsaid friction between LeBron and Larry Brown during the 2004 Olympics. Brown let Bron play very less minutes, which ended with Team USA getting the bronze medal and annoyed LeBron too. Brown disastrous run as Team USA's coach back then is a nightmare, even now.

Credit: Youtube/maurixjames23

JR Smith Chokes

During the 2018 NBA Finals Game 1, the Cavs and Warriors were tied at 107 and only 4  seconds were left on the clock. Instead of shooting a clutch shot, Smith ran to the other side of the court, not realizing the buzzer was about to go off. LeBron was visibly upset, pointing him towards the other direction.

Credit: Youtube/Ace Highlights

Squid Game Director Hits Back

In a very recent viral video, LeBron and AD were caught discussing the Squid Game in which Bron said he didn't like the ending. This wasn't well-received by its director, who commented, "Have you seen Space Jam 2?. In fact, he thanks Bron for watching it but said that he still wouldn't change the ending.

Credit: Youtube/Bleacher Report

Defying David Blatt

During the 2015 NBA Finals, Bron was brilliant individually, even though the Cavs lost. But behind the scenes, he was completely ignoring and disrespecting coach David Platt. Rumors also emerged that James was the one calling the plays. He even accepted he changed an end-of-game play call after game-winner against Bulls.

Credit: Youtube/Mark Anthony Garrett

LeBron James and DeShawn Stevenson rope in Soulja Boy

During a Cavs and Wizards face-off, Bron missed a potential game-winner over DeShawn. So, after the game, DeShawn called him overrated. In order to get back to Shawn, LeBron dropped in Soulja Boy and Jay Z analogy, him being Jay Z, which really upset Shawn and Soulja boy, both. So much that Soulja boy showed up to one of his games in a Wizards jersey.

Credit: Youtube/FAIR GAME

73-9 Golden State Warriors

More than any person, LeBron's biggest enemy when he played for the Cavs was the Warriors. They stood in his way for a long long time on his way to NBA titles. It was only in 2016 that he finally defeated them and got his hometown their much-deserved championship. 

Credit: Youtube/NBA

Comic Sans Font

When writing a letter, think carefully about which font you should use or else you'll be mocked. That's what happened to Dan Gilbert, who released a hateful letter about Bron when he left the Cavs to take his talents to South Beach. This letter is probably the worst thing someone has done to LBJ.

Credit: Youtube/ESPN

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