Will Gary Payton II Play for Stephen Curry’s Warriors?

In hopes of making a push in the final third of the season, the Golden State Warriors stepped up during the trade deadline. Involved in a four-team trade, they welcomed back defensive guard Gary Payton II. The 30-year-old who signed a three-year deal with the Portland Trail Blazers was only one physical away from returning. However, the tests unfolded a shocking truth. The revelations have put the entire trade package in jeopardy. Meanwhile, the Bay team believes the Blazers withheld critical information prior to accepting the offer. After signing his $26 million deal, Payton II underwent surgery in the offseason. The procedure caused him to miss the first 35 games of the season. The former G League talent had only recently returned back to action. Likewise, when his trade went through, no one expected any sort of trouble. However, it seems the most unlikely of scenarios came true. On examining the 30-year-old, the Warriors found a core muscle injury that could keep Gary Payton II on the sidelines for up to three months. And they believe the Blazers misrepresented the situation.

Golden State Warriors raise complaints following horror trade aftermath

The Warriors are clearly not pleased with the revelations from Payton II’s physicals. Notably, they expected the star to be healthy and ready for action. That seemed to be true after the Blazers guard took part in their contest against the Bay. However, that certainly isn’t the case.

 Likewise, The Defending Champions Want Justice. According To Shams Charania, The Stephen Curry-Led Side Has Reached Out To The NBA, highlighting the alleged misconduct of The Trail Blazers For Misleading Them.

Despite the complaints, so far nothing has changed in terms of the timeline. The Golden State Warriors have until Wednesday to void the trade. If that is done, the entire four-team web will fall apart. James Wiseman will make his trip to San Francisco to play out the whole season.

In addition, the Warriors won’t save $37 million in luxury tax payments either. A lot rides on their decision. And it will be one the management will have to take with serious consideration.

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