NFL Madden Pro Bowl 2021: Best moments from the virtual event 

The 2021 NFL Pro Bowl went virtual this season due to the pandemic. But that doesn't mean that fans weren't treated to some great moments through the course of the game that took place on Madden NFL 21. We take a look at some of the best moments from the game.

Marshawn Lynch breaks his chair 

In yet another 'Beast Mode' moment, Marshawn Lynch ended up breaking his chair after getting an interception for the NFC.

Credit: Instagram/NFL

Snoop Dogg has a new name for Patrick Mahomes

Representing the AFC, Snoop Dogg certainly had fun playing with quarterback 'P. Diddy Mahomes' in the 2021 Pro Bowl. 

Credit: Instagram/NFL

Jamal Adams runs
the same play 4 times

Jamal Adams running the same play four times to his tight end to get a TD has to be the pick of the lot for the NFC boys. 

Credit: Instagram/NFL

Marshawn Lynch trash talks Derrick Henry

With Derrick Henry being quitter than usual, Marshawn Lynch didn't pass up the chance of getting in his light-hearted banter.

Credit: Instagram/NFL

Keyshawn's struggles with returning the ball 

Former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson's struggles with returning the football sure gave the NFC boys a lot to chuckle over.

Credit: Instagram/ NFL

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