37 Days After 'Black Bear Hunting', Tom Brady Makes Animal Lovers Cheerful & Wildlife Photographers Jealous

Just a month ago NFL free agent quarterback Carson Wentz had sparked massive backlash as he posed next to a dead black bear on his hunting trip in Alaska. Most fans were not happy to see him post with such a majestic animal that was hunted for fun. While that picture may still linger in the minds of fans, NFL legend Tom Brady, decided to bring a big smile on faces of NFL fans.

Tom Brady on a mini jungle safari vacay with his one true love!

Brady recently took to his Instagram and shared a few precious moments from his recent trip with his "true love" as posted in his story. He shared a picture of his 10-year-old girl, Vivian Lake, enjoying the moment, cherishing the animals and beauty around.

Tom Brady shares epic moments from the father-daughter excursion

The retired NFL star shared a close up picture of a majestic lion and an adorable elephant. He also shared few other pictures where various animals were seen enjoying at a distance.

Vivian Lake shares about his father's other love!

The Super Bowl champion shared a picture in which his daughter Vivian Lake has hand written on sand about his father's love for a particular species. She wrote, "My dad loves zebras" and Brady confirmed it by writing, "True 🦓's ❤️❤️" in his post. 

The father-daughter duo enjoy lunch with scenic view and guests 

Later the duo enjoyed lunch together in the nature setting along with a lot of non- human guests around. Brady shared a mind-blowing picture of some elephants in the backgorund from their lunch spot, probably just waiting for his gesture so they can join him for a happy meal.

The proud father moment!

While surrounded by many species of animals and birds, Vivian decided to share some of her food with a bird near her and the proud father captured the beautiful moment and shared it with fans. Apprecating his daughter Brady wrote, "always thinking of others."

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