$450,000,000 Super Bowl Champion Patrick Mahomes Finds Out the Most Underrated QB in NFL, in Just One Second

One of the most renowned QB of the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes, found out the most underrated QB, within a span of a second. In a recent interview named Quarterback on Quarterback by Netflix, three legendary quarterbacks, Marcus Mariota from the Philadelphia Eagles, Patrick Mahomes from the Kansas City Chiefs, and Kirk Cousins from the Minnesota Vikings burped down their very inner things, such as their favorite cuisine, football moments or players.

Patrick Mahomes talked about the most underrated QB

When asked about the most underrated QB to Patrick Mahomes, he took less than a second to answer. His on-the-spot answer was Kirk Cousins, as he has established remarkable statistics. Marcus Mariota also coupled with Mahomes's statement and mentioned a few matches where Cousins demonstrated extraordinary performances. However, according to them, he doesn't get the deserved recognition.

Credit: YouTube

The QBs talked about their favorite retired QB

While talking about their favorite retired QBs, all three were reminiscent of their childhood and talked about the one whose game has been an inspiration for them. While Mahomes' role model was Tony Romo, Cousins and Mariota remembered the contribution of Drew Brees and Steve Young, respectively.

QBs broke the misconception about their diet

In the very first part of the interview, the QBs broke the misconception about their strict diet chart following. Everyone not only opened up about their cheating with meals but also mentioned their favorite ones like pizza, burgers, etc.

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