Aaron Rodgers Ranked #1 On List of NFL Players/Personalities People Love to Hate

Aaron Rodgers wins MVPs. He sets records. He sells insurance. He’s also hated. A semi-scientific Twitter study conducted by BetOnline showed that the Green Bay Packers star quarterback is the most hated person associated with the NFL.

When this conclusion was derived

This conclusion was derived after more than a million tweets were analyzed by keyword association. Negative phrases such as “I hate Aaron Rodgers,” “Antonio Brown sucks,” “F**ck Roger Goodell,” “Cam Newton is horrible,” and so on were included in a study conducted in December. (January and February were not included so the findings wouldn't be swayed by the playoff participants.)

What Rogers said on this

“It really comes down to, and pardon my French, giving less f**ks,”

Aaron Rodgers added

“I think it’s a majority that comes from aging, making mistakes, from failing to being too sensitive at times. …There’s a lot of joy in being unapologetically yourself.”

What Coach Matt LaFleur said on Rogers

 “I don’t want to be overbearing and tell him every day how much we love him and how much we want him back. You just want be respectful of his space and allow him to think through everything clearly without being annoying,”

Recent information about Rodgers

Officially, Rodgers has not decided whether he’s going to return to Green Bay for his 15th season as a starter, though the return of Tom Clements as quarterbacks coach and ongoing contract talks are signs that he will be back – whether fans like it or not.

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