After Colorado Controversy, Coach Prime Deion Sanders Offers Five Life Lessons To His 1.5 Million Followers 

The 55-year-old Pro Football Hall of Famer and NFL's favorite coach Deion Sanders has been fighting his battles and rising like a warrior. He recently underwent a major surgery for a critical condition and got back only to be surronded by controversies. But the lessons he has learnt from life are truly valuable to him and he shares it with pride with his fans. 

Deion Sanders battled his health condition that led to an emergency surgery

Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders returned to the team after a health scare. He went through a successful follow-up surgery to remove blood clots in his right leg and straighten out two toes on his left foot.

The Colorado controversy surrounding Coach Prime!

Coach Prime's transition from Jackson State to Colorado for college football coaching has created multiple headlines since he took over. One of the latest was that of five-star cornerback player, Cormani McClain, who said he threw up seven times after a recent practice.

Coach Prime shares five profound lessons of life with his fans

Deion Sanders shared words of wisdom on his Twitter from his life's experiences. Mentioning the five great lessons, he wrote, "I've got to make today Count! Tomorrow ain't promised & yesterday is gone. We all have the same 24hrs to work with, which is really 17 discounting your sleep so make no excuses & make today count!!. Details Details."

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