‘An Arm Is A Terrible Thing To Waste’: While Marriage Issues Remain Persistent, Tom Brady Uploads Comeback Video With A Unique Message

Tom Brady means business! The NFL icon is leaving no stones unturned for a grand comeback. Off-field issues do not worry the superstar. He is leaving them outside the game. It is this positive mentality amid negative incidents that delight any staunch supporter of the favorite star. 

NFL GOAT posted a video on Twitter

The content of the video was inspiring to millions of fans. They were happy to see the quarterback announcing it clearly that he was feeling pretty good, despite unfavorable times. Several fans posted their admiration on Twitter, while a few of them also asked if the NFL star needs to go on, and if so, for how many years.

Tom Brady believes in Bucs and his favorite game

“It’s been a unique off-season. And lately, I have been seeing the same question on social media. Why’d you come back? I can give you a long speech, but the actual reason is pretty simple. We’ve got a hell of a team."

Tom Brady added

"I’m still feeling pretty good. And an arm is a terrible thing to waste. I have been reminded for a decade now… You are heading to extinction. And maybe so, but not today,”

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