Antonio Brown Gives Array of Explanations for His Bizarre Exit From Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The new year got off to a bizarre start for the Buccaneers on Sunday when Antonio Brown decided to ditch the team during the third quarter of their 28-24 win over the Jets. Let's have a look at the story.

A quick look at the incident

After a spat with coach Bruce Arians, Brown took off his helmet, his shoulder pads, and his undershirt and then stormed off the field shirtless. Although Brown has been active on social media over the past 24 hours, one thing he has yet to reveal is why he left the field.

Why Brown left the field

According to the league's official website, Brown felt he was too injured to play so he refused to go in the game when Arians asked him to. Going into Week 17, Brown had been dealing with an ankle injury that kept him out of practice on both Thursday and Friday. The same ankle injury had also caused him to miss multiple games this year.

Brown apparently felt that he couldn't help the team

By the time the third quarter rolled around, Brown apparently felt that he couldn't help the team and that it wouldn't do any good to put him in the game. Brown's decision clearly didn't sit well with Arians, who told him to "Get out" after the receiver twice refused to enter the game.

What Bruce Arians said on Brown's injury

Arians continued to insist on Monday that Brown never mentioned the injury as a reason why he couldn't return to the game.

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