Arnold Schwarzenegger Once Gave NFL Beast JJ Watt a Piece of Advice After an Embarrassing Playoff Defeat in a DPOY Season

Among the current active defensive players, JJ Watt holds a special place in the hearts of NFL fans. Although he failed miserably in executing his plans, the veteran received a piece of advice from his dear friend and bodybuilding legend, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What JJ Watt said on this

“It was terrible to not be out there with my teammates,”

JJ Watt added

“I have been trying to do whatever I possibly can to be out there with them. But there comes a time when you are doing more harm than good,” 

Arnold Schwarzenegger's piece of advice

“Just remember one thing. You didn’t lose today. I’ll tell you why, because losers stay down. And I know you and the Texans always get up. That’s why you’re the winners and you always would be winners. So get going again, get up, put some fire in this team and march forward.”

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