Baker Mayfield Won't Give Up No. 6 With The Carolina Panthers and This is How

Carolina Panthers traded QB Baker Mayfield from the Cleveland Browns. Mayfield has worn the No. 6 uniform since his college days. He made a deal with the veteran punter for his No. 6 jersey. The details of the deal are unknown, but Hekker would definitely make something out of it.

What Mayfield said on this

“I guess it’s time to break the news. I made a deal and did my own negotiating with Johnny [Hekker]. Obviously, when it comes to a 4-time All-Pro, [I] had to ask permission. [He] was willing to make those sacrifices.”

Baker Mayfield added

“Six is special to me, not because it was ever my favorite number. It was the number I was given as a walk-on at Texas Tech, and when I transferred, the people at Oklahoma thought it was my favorite number, so they just gave it to me again. It’s just stuck with me.”

About Mayfield's contract

The Panthers and Seahawks were two teams interested in the race to acquire Mayfield. Panthers will pay Mayfield $5 million, and the Browns have agreed to pay $10.5 million of his base salary. He would not be getting the remaining $3.5 million, as Mayfield agreed to a pay cut to make his trade possible.

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