"This Is Hilarious": Aaron Rodgers Return From Darkness Make Fans Laugh And Meme Gates

NFL legend Aaron Rodgers has come out of the retreat vacation that he went on in search of his inner self. However, the fans are taking a dig at the legendary player after his return from the dark facility by sharing memes that will force you to laugh until your stomach hurts. 

Hillarious meme on NHL legend's return

NFL memes shared a vide of a raccoon with the funny caption "Aaron Rodgers emerging from his darkness retreat".
Credit- NFL memes/ Twitter

Fan reaction on the hillarious meme

An NFL fan commented on the Twiiter post, " This is hilarious" with a clapping emoji.

Why did the NFL legend went to dark retreat?

Aaron Rodgers went to Sky Cave Retreats and spent some days in a dark room facility with the intention that the NFL legend revealed on The Pat McAfee Show, "I hoped to have a better sense of where I'm at in my life."

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