Can Superstar Quarterback Aaron Rodgers's Massive Decision Change The Fate Of the Green Bay Packers?

All options are on the table for quarterback Aaron Rodgers after the Packers' season came to end with a 20-16 loss to the Lions in Sunday night's regular-season finale. The future Hall of Famer could retire, be dealt or stay put; all options pose salary cap problems for Green Bay

Aaron Rodgers is undecided about returning to Green Bay

The 39-year-old said during a postgame conference he was undecided about returning to Green Bay but wouldn't have any regrets if he retired. Rodgers indicated he wouldn't hold the Packers hostage by dragging out his decision. He also acknowledged the possibility of Green Bay wanting to give 2020 first-round pick Jordan Love a chance to start, meaning he would have to play elsewhere to continue his football career.

Aaron Rodgers became the NFL's first $50 million-per-year player last March

Rodgers became the NFL's first $50 million-per-year player last March once he decided he wanted to remain with the Packers rather than try to force a trade. The contract is widely considered to be $150.815 million over three years although there are two additional below market years (2025 and 2026) in the deal.

What if Aaron Rodgers will decide to retire?

Rodgers would be forfeiting his rights to the fully guaranteed $59.465 million by retiring. He insisted that his decision wouldn't be influenced by the money because of the generation wealth he has accumulated from playing football. Rodgers has made over $300 million from his NFL player contracts.

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