Dallas Cowboys Ambitious Owner Jerry Jones’ Biggest Regret in Life Was Not Getting a Lombardi With This Franchise Altering Athlete

Great quarterbacks are hard to come by in this league. A number of teams are still searching for their answer over a quarter century after their last franchise QB. And according to NFL agent Erik Burkhardt, one of Jerry Jones biggest regrets as the owner of the Cowboys was not preparing for Troy Aikman's retirement.

What Jerry Jones said on this

''Not having a succession plan when Troy retired…cost us 10+ years in my prime despite all the great players we had come thru in those yrs…''

After Troy retired in 2000

Aikman was the triggerman of the dynastic Dallas Cowboys of the 1990's. But after Troy retired in 2000, the team didn't really have an answer at QB.

Clock is starting to tick on Jerry Jones

At 79 years old, the clock is starting to tick on Jerry Jones' ability to capture that elusive fourth Lombardi.

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