"Dreaming about retiring as a Packer because...": Green Bay Packers Superstar Aaron Rodgers Opens Up Why He Wants To Retire As Packers QB

Amid reports about the Green Bay Packers front office considering a trade of 39-year-old quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the four-time NFL MVP had an empathetic reaction when asked about it on "The Pat McAfee Show." Let's have a look at the whole story what Rodgers said on it.

What Aaron Rodgers said on it?

"It's taboo to talk about some of these ideas but to be open to the possibility that, if I want to keep playing, that it might be somewhere else, I understand that,"

Aaron Rodgers added

"I understand they might want to move on and go younger at a number of different positions. That's a part of it."

Aaron Rodgers concluded

"I have nothing but love for the fans and the amazing people I've met over the years at different events. It's a beautiful, beautiful town. So, I think there's been a lot of fun dreaming about retiring as a Packer because there's something really special about that. But if the competitive hole still needs to be satiated and it's time to move on, then I hope everybody would look at that with a lot of gratitude and not any resentment." 

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