From Jimmy Fallon to Jimmy Kimmel; Talk Show Hosts Who Roasted Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers' recent controversy has gotten him into a load of trouble. The Green Bay Packers quarterback has also become the butt of jokes from comedians and late night talk show hosts. From Saturday Night Live to the Tonight Show, we saw Rodgers get roasted everywhere.

Trevor Noah

Noah is one of the best upcoming comics/talk show hosts, and he had one of the funniest jokes at Rodgers' expense.

Jimmy Kimmel 

When everyone is coming up with their own stuff, how can Jimmy Kimmel stay quiet? Kimmel, during one of his shows, compared Aaron with Kyrie Irving, the Brooklyn Nets player who's been benched this season because he refused to get vaccinated. But that wasn't it. He even called Aaron Rodgers "a Karen". 

Jimmy Fallon

On the Tonight Show, Fallon took shots at Rodgers as well. He even came up with a bunch of hilarious jokes about how Rodgers tried to convince the media about certain false claims.

Seth Meyers 

Seth Meyers joined the bandwagon and took a shot at the Packers quarterback, making a joke that involved his signature ponytail as well.

Stephen Colbert 

On The Late Show, Colbert addressed Aaron saying, "My Goop senses are tingling. I'm no expert, but I'm guessing it's a lot easier to just play football with a shot in your arm than a jade egg stuck where the sun doesn't shine. Then again, they are called the Packers."

Pete Davidson 

Pete Davidson might be an equally controversial figure, but his impersonation of Aaron Rodgers on Saturday Night Live was absolutely hilarious. Special mention to his co-star on the show who did her part as well.

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