From Kyler Murray to Dak Prescott, Five Quarterbacks with the Best Pass Completion Rates in 2021

Quarterbacks are the ones who lead their team in every way, so their performances have to be the best. Here are the top 5 QBs who had the most complete passes. 

Kyler Murray 

Arizona Cardinals QB Murray recently made his return to the game after an injury and did something great for his team, by completing 72.7% this season.

Dak Prescott 

He is considered one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Well, he did complete 70.3% of passes so we guess he deserves it. 

Teddy Bridgewater 

Denver Broncos' #5 and their QB has completed 69.2% of passes this season. However, it isn't translating into much success for the Broncos.

Mac Jones 

The Patriots selected Jones during the 15th round and he proved he is the best one. Mac completed 69% of passes, another testament to why he should've been the #1 draft pick.

Joe Burrow 

With 68.2% of passes completed, Joe Burrow the Cincinnati Bengals QB is considered to be one of the breakthrough quarterbacks of this season.

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