From Tom Brady to Ja'Marr Chase; Best Plays from NFL Gameweek 17

It can be considered to be a stroke of great luck to have an awesome start when one has just stepped in a New Year. Here are the NFL's 6 best plays of week 17.

Tom Brady to Cyril Grayson

Credit- NFL/YouTube

Tampa Bay Buccaneers were almost down and out, when Tom Brady threw a wonderful pass towards Cyril Grayson, who caught it and fell into the endzone in a perfect motion.

Rodney McLeod

Rodney McLeod pulled off a stunning interception that sealed the Eagles' place in the playoffs.

Credit- NFL/YouTube

Trey Lance to George Kittle

With Jimmy Garoppolo out, Trey Lance stepped in and delivered for the 49ers, but this catch from George Kittle is simply sensational.

Credit- NFL/YouTube

Jonathan Ward

Arizona Cardinals' Jonathan Ward snagged a miraculous one-handed catch against the Dallas Cowboys defense.

Credit- NFL/YouTube

Recovery by Arizona Cardinals

Recovering the ball is one of the toughest things in the NFL, but Arizona Cardinals make it looks easy.

Credit- NFL/YouTube

An Outstanding Touchdown by Ja'Marr Chase

Ja'marr Chase had a huge part to play in the Bengals' massive, division-clinching win against the Chiefs, perfectly highlighted by this ridiculous touchdown.

Credit- NFL/YouTube

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