From Tom Brady to Patrick Mahomes; NFL's Passing Leaders Halfway Through the Season

Tom Brady has been great, but Patrick Mahomes has sucked. Yet both players make this list. Wonder who else joins them as the leading passers of the NFL season?

 Joe Burrow

Cincinnati Bengals' game-changing quarterback has completed 2497 yards this season. He registered star performances against the Ravens, Steelers and Lions. Thanks to him, the Bengals stand at 5-4.

Patrick Mahomes

Kansas City Chiefs have not had a great start to the season, but Patrick Mahomes has been killing it with his passing yards, covering 2534 yards. These contributions have kept the Chiefs afloat with a 5-4 record.

 Derek Carr

A surprising name on this list, Las Vegas Raiders' QB has managed to drag his team out of obscurity and thrown 2565 yards. He may not be an MVP candidate, but he's definitely helped the Raiders get to a 5-3 record.

Tom Brady

The GOAT may be second on this list, but his performances have already made him an early MVP favorite. With 2650 yards under his belt, we could see Brady hit the 5000 mark by the end of the season.

Matthew Stafford

Surprise, surprise, the #1 on this list is none other than Matthew Stafford. Los Angeles Rams got off to a flying start to the season, thanks to Stafford. With 2771 yards, it doesn't look like anyone comes close to stealing his title as leading passer of the season.

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