"Go Ahead And Take A Break": Lamar Jackson Shoots Cryptic Social Media Message Amidst Uncertain NFL Future

Lamar Jackson is still a Baltimore Ravens player as of now, as his deal is getting complicated day by day. After the Ravens signed Odell Beckham Jr, many thought the Ravens would lock on Jackson as well, meeting his demands. However, that did not happen, as he shared a cryptic social media post. 

Jackson’s situation with the Ravens

After the Ravens put a non-exclusive franchise tag on Jackson, he did not attract too many teams in the market. As per earlier reports, Jackson wanted a fully guaranteed contract, and the Ravens did not accept his demands. Later, Jackson confirmed on Twitter that he asked for a trade and almost wrote a farewell message to the Ravens Flock.

OBJ’s signing could change Jackson’s situation

On the other hand, OBJ recently signed with the Ravens for a one-year deal, which will see him earn around $18 million. During the recent presser, OBJ expressed his desire to play with Jackson. However, he did not get any assurances from the QB. Earlier, Jackson posted a picture of them having a video chat on his Instagram, which made the Ravens fans really hopeful. 

Jackson provided the latest message

Credit - Lamar Jackson Instagram

 Jackson took to Instagram and shared a cryptic message, which says, “Go ahead and take a break from socializing while you’re working on yourself, your career, and your life. You’re not missing out on anything; it will all be there when you’re done.” 

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