Head Coach Todd Bowles Comments On Tom Brady's Wednesday Practice Appearance Even Though Reports Suggested Otherwise

Todd Bowles didn’t tell Tom Brady he wanted him to participate in offseason workouts, something the quarterback has rarely done in his career. But Bowles is not surprised by Brady.

What Todd Bowles said on it

“Tom’s a worker,”

Todd Bowles added

“Tom comes in on his own. He doesn’t need to be here. But you don’t play that long without having inner drive. We have great communication and we have a great relationship. He comes in on his own and works. He doesn’t need the work everyone else needs, but the camaraderie, when he comes in here, is very good.”

Todd Bowles Concluded

“Tom and I understand that — we have a great relationship going forward. We communicate constantly and I just look forward to working with him from a different angle. But we always talked football off the field when he was here, regardless.”

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