“He’s a Former Boss for a Reason”: NFL World Puts John Skipper on Blast After Controversial Super Bowl Statements

ESPN's former President John Skipper's negligence during his recent interview with Dan LeBatard has put him into trouble. Check out the controversial statement and NFL fans' response on the same.

John Skipper's statement on Super Bowl 

Discussing the monetization of Super Bowl games former ESPN President John Skipper said, "That is the single best way I can think of for the NFL to increase their annual revenue take for their clubs is to make the Super Bowl a pay-per-event."

Response from NFL fans

A user on Twitter took a jibe at the former ESPN president. He said," He's a former boss for no reason," with a laughing emoji.

Another Twitter user commented," Unfortunately it would be a hard no for me and the NFL as a fan if they do this."

Another user on Twitter challenged Skipper's statement and said," Go ahead and try. There isn't a Super Bowl worth spending money on. I'll either find a pirated stream or not watch."

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