“I Feel Disrespected-100%”: Baker Mayfield Lets Cleveland Browns Know How They Let Him Down

Baker Mayfield admitted on the Ya Neva Know Podcast released Wednesday that he feels the Browns did him wrong after all he gave to the club. Let's have a look at the whole story.

What Baker Mayfield said

“I feel disrespected 100%,’’

Baker Mayfield added

“Because I was told one thing and they completely did the other.’’

Mayfield said he has no regrets

“I really, truly have no regrets of my time in Cleveland of what I tried to give that place,’’

Mayfield added

“True Clevelanders and true Browns fans know that. And that’s why I can walk away from the whole situation feeling like I did it.’’

Baker Mayfield concluded

 “I got out of that and it’s the best thing in the world. … I don’t hear opinions that don’t matter to me. And I’ve realized that I paid so much attention to things that really don’t matter. It’s helped me get closer to my faith and do a bunch of stuff like looking inward, like the quiet time that everybody needs to spend by themselves. … You realize we’re addicted to it.’’

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