"[Jackson] does more than Aaron Rodgers" Former Super Bowl MVP and NFL Legend Believes Lamar Jackson Is more Valuable Than Aaron Rodgers 

Baltimore Ravens QB from the 2018 NFL Draft, Lamar Jackson, was recently praised by the NFL big shots for his hard work and excellent performance. The NFL legends even compared the Ravens QB with future Hall of Fame Aaron Rodgers! Check it out in the following story.

What Super Bowl MVP Von Miller said about Lamar Jackson?

"[Jackson] does more than Aaron Rodgers... [Jackson] does everything and Aaron Rodgers is getting $50 million."

Ravens legend Mark Andrews added

QB Lamar Jackson's teammate from Ravens Andrews said," He deserves more, man. Every time he steps on that field, he's the one. There's no one like him."

What are Ravens' options for QB Lamar Jackson?

Since the contract of Jackson with the Baltimore Ravens is expiring this year, most likely he will get a franchise tag. But trade is also possible as neither of them wants to leave the other.

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