Insane One-Handed Catches from Odell Beckham Jr

Odell Beckham Jr is one of the most dynamic offensive players in the NFL. The wide receiver had an insane stint with New York Giants, before taking his trade to Cleveland. Now, the WR plays of the Rams, where we hope to see more insane one-handed catches.

The Greatest Catch in NFL History

Odell Beckham Jr rose the highest and caught a magnificent pass from Eli Manning, which was incredibly difficult to catch. He somehow managed to register a one-handed touchdown.

A Blinder vs Washington

With the Giants trailing to Washington, Manning launched another long throw to Beckham, which overshot the WR. But in typical OBJ fashion, he leaped forward and registered another one-handed touchdown.

Making it look easy vs Arizona

Against Arizona Cardinals, with the Giants trailing by 7, Beckham jumped and caught another one-handed blinder, which helped put the Giants closer to the end zone.

A bit of genius vs Detroit

OBJ had barely any room to run, let alone make a safe catch. He had no option but to stretch one arm and catch another blinder, and then run it over to register a genius touchdown.

Almost a fumble vs Eagles

Beckham almost dropped this one, but recovered miraculously to bring the Giants closer to a one-point game against Philadelphia Eagles.

Leading a comeback vs Washington

Against Washington again, OBJ pulls off another blinder, for which he had to stretch every single muscle in his body. It’s shocking he never suffered any strains after making that catch.

OBJ for Cleveland vs Jets

The first entry on this list for Cleveland Browns, OBJ caught a special pass from Baker Mayfield with one hand, bringing his team to an important 1st and goal.

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