NFL GOAT Tom Brady Shows Support For Patrick Mahomes Amidst Backlash Over Super Bowl Trophy Giveaway

Kansas City Chiefs' victory parade was as grand as it should be. However, Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and controversy cannot stay apart for a long time. The party foul from the Super Bowl MVP has caught the eye of netizens again. But a GOAT has entered to support the MVP.

Patrick Mahomes' foul at Chiefs' Victory Parade

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes handed the 2023 Vincent Lombardi Trophy to a fan during the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory parade.

NFL GOAT comes in support of Super Bowl MVP

"Looks like appropriate parade behavior to me," said NFL GOAT Tom Brady about Mahomes as the handed trophy was a replica according to a fan.

Brady's infamous connection with Vince Lombardi Trophy

Previously GOAT Buccaneers' QB tossed the Vince Lombardi Trophy in 2021 across the water to his teammate on another boat during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' boat parade, that caused quite a ruckus.

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