NFL Quarterbacks Twenty Years Younger Than Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the most iconic player in the NFL. His longevity is second to none, and there are a bunch of quarterbacks who are twenty years younger than him. Who are they?

Mac Jones

At 23, Mac Jones is over twenty years younger than Tom Brady. When Tampa Bay played the Patriots, Brady beat his successor 19-17.

Justin Fields 

Justin Fields is only 22, making this weekend’s Chicago vs Tampa Bay fixture special. He’s half of Brady’s age, but lost in embarrassing fashion to Brady.

Daniel Jones 

Daniel Jones, 24 years old, is still yet to play against Tom Brady. He’ll go up against the GOAT when New York Giants play Brady’s Bucs.

Sam Darnold

Sam Darnold, 24, will face Tom Brady in the last regular season match when Tampa Bay plays the Panthers

Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson, 22, will be one of the youngest quarterbacks Tom Brady will face in the league.

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