NFL’s Heartthrob Aaron Rodgers, Just before his Sole Super Bowl Win Revealed His Ultimate Celebrity Crush And It Wasn’t Shailene Woodley or Olivia Munn

Aaron Rodgers is a heartthrob. He's not only the best NFL player, but he's also equally romantic. Do you know who's his celebrity crush?

Aaron Rodgers's celebrity crush

Aaron Rodgers is a fan of a famous TV host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres, he admitted that she was his favorite celebrity before playing and winning the super bowl about a decade ago.

About Ellen DeGeneres

DeGeneres is known as one of the best television hosts in the country, plus she also works as a comedian and producer with her own production company. Ellen has been working in the industry since the 1980s and her The Ellen DeGeneres Show started in 2003.

When did Aaron Rodgers admit that

The team's number one quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, declared to the media during Super Bowl media week in 2011 that Ellen DeGeneres was his celebrity crush.

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