Patrick Mahomes Wants A Special Favor From Enthused Fans: “Am I Allowed…”

Patrick Mahomes will be joining the ranks of fans watching the CFP National Championship Game, but he’s in two minds about which team to root for. On the one hand, as he shared on Twitter, Mahomes feels obliged to support the Big 12 to win its first national championship in the CFP era as that was the conference he called home during his collegiate career. However, the Chiefs superstar is unsure if he’s actually allowed by the binding oath he took when signing for TCU to root for them against Georgia.It’s a tough call for Mahomes, but we’re sure he’ll make the right decision in the end!

What Patrick Mahomes wrote on that?

"I want to root for the Big12 but am i allowed to root for TCU?"

The responses to Mahomes’ incredibly unserious crisis were mixed

The responses to Mahomes' unserious crisis were mixed, with some fans saying that he couldn't betray the Red Raiders and others saying that representing the Big 12 was more important than the conference rivalry.

Patrick Mahomes tends to watch big games

With the way Patrick Mahomes tends to watch big games such as TCU vs Georgia, though, we’ll likely have a clear picture who he’s cheering for based on his reactions.

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