Retired NFL Icon Tom Brady Flaunts Dynamic Box From $28,400,000 Company

NFL GOAT Tom Brady has proved himself to be the best on field as well as in a lot of other areas of his life which includes his health and fitness brand TB12. With the brand's product portfolio always increasing and its popularity among fans, it has reached to an annual revenue of $28.4M and Tom Brady recently flaunted a tiny but mighty product on his social media. 

NFL icon Tom Brady's unique wellness brand

Since the health and wellness brand's inception in 2013 Tom Brady with Alex Guerrero have been working towards empowering people. The 7X Super Bowl champion's brand, TB12 Sports, has a wide range of products under the umbrella. From delicious and energetic edible products, programs, equipments to wearables, he has got his fans covered.

Tom Brady flaunted a powerful small container on his Instagram

The legendary man who is an inspiration to many, shared a picture of one of the most powerful product of TB12 and an essential for body's hydration levels in a day, on his Instagram story. 

Tom Brady reveals his essentials for the day!

Even though Brady has retired from the game, keeping his health and fitness in check is his priority. In another post on his Instagram story Tom Brady revealed about his essentials of the day.

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