"That's a Bold Choice By Tom Brady": Married to a Fashion Icon, 45-Year-Old Phenom's Backwards Hat Gets a Hilarious Reaction From Legendary Football Insider

Everyone knows NFL legend and Tampa Bay Buccaneers star quarterback, Tom Brady, for three things. His exceptional football skills, rumors about his marriage, and his health. Tom Brady’s “TB12 Method,” shares in detail the unique and carefully planned diet that lets him achieve “peak performance” on the field, even at 45. But, his recent appearance has left fans confused and worried. 

Brady’s interview before the Saints game is where everything kicks off

Brady’s weak appearance and his “backward hat” style that he appears in became the talk of the town. Although he seemed to show no symptoms or weakness during the interview, fans were quick enough to pick up on his gaunt face. Added to that, he repeated the same “backward hat” style in the press conference yesterday, which turned quite a few eyeballs his way.

Mike Florio took a dig at Brady

“I am no fashion expert, but I will say the backward hat, with the tuft of hair carefully manicured through the hole at age 45. That’s a bold choice by Tom Brady.”

Reactions of Tom Brady's Fan

Although there are obviously few concerns among fans, the majority took to Twitter to poke fun at him, as usual. 

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