The traded players make a huge impact on the game every season. Lets see who will put their best in the game this year. Here are the top 5 tarded players of this season.

Julio Jones

Julio Jones has had a mixed start to his playing career at the Tennessee Titans. However, he remains one of the best traded players in the league. He’s touted as the best replacement for Corey Davis, and a clear upgrade.

Orlando Brown

Getting traded to the Kansas City Chiefs, Brown will be replacing the veteran left tackle Eric Fisher. He is expected to have a positive effect on Kansas City's offense. Brown is just 25 and has played in all 16 games in each of his three pro seasons.

Carson Wentz

Traded from Philadelphia Eagles, Carson Wentz will be playing for Indianapolis Colts this season. The Colts have high hopes from Wentz. Wentz will also be working alongside a great supporting team, especially at running back and receiver's end.

Matthew Stafford

Matthew will be having a monstrous run this season, as he seems to have figured out how to provide an instant boost to Sean McVay's offense. Replacing Jared Goff, the Rams appeared to have gone as far as they could at the quarterback. He recently aided the Rams with four touchdowns as they beat Tom Brady’s Bucs.

Sam Darnold

Quarterback Sam Darnold arrived in Carolina from the New York Jets. The Jets must be regretting letting go of him, as the Carolina Panthers hold a 3-0 start to this season. Meanwhile, the Jets lie low at 0-3.

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