The Highest-Selling Football Memorabilia of All Time

With the NFL being over a century old, certain items have gained an extremely high value, whether controversial or not.

Green Bay Packers 1921 Franchise Certificate

The Packers have the distinction of being the only team that publicly traded in the NFL. As a result, a Packers franchise certificate, from 1921 was auctioned off in 2017 for $19,550.

Patriots AFC Championship Game ‘Deflategate’ Ball

Deflategate was a 544-day saga during which Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was accused, resulting in a four-game suspension. In 2015, a fan was given 11 Deflategate balls used in the AFC Championship game. This fan sold it at an auction for $44,000.

Vince Lombardi’s 1956 New York Giants Championship Ring

The ring of the legend whose name is synonymous with the Super Bowl trophy is bound to be priceless. However, Vince Lombradi’s ring sold for a whopping $50,100.

Johnny Unitas/Raymond Berry TD Ball from 1958 NFL Title Game

The football Johnny Unitas threw to Raymond Berry during the ‘Greatest Game Ever Played’ fetched an astounding $62,000.

Steve Wright’s 1966 Super Bowl I Ring

Under Vince Lombardi’s reign, Steve Wright won the Super Bowl in 1966 with the Packers. The ring from the win fetched $73,409 when auctioned in 2011.

Jersey Worn by Jim Brown During 1962-63 Season

Jim Brown is an NFL legend, who played for Cleveland Browns. His jersey from the 1962-63 season sold for $78,000, making him one of the richest NFL MVPs of all time.

Jersey Worn by Johnny Unitas in 1967

Johnny Unitas is one of the greatest athletes of his generation, and his jersey fetched a cool $103,500, breaking the 100k mark on this list.

William ‘Refrigerator’ Perry’s Super Bowl XX Ring

William Perry’s Super Bowl ring sold for an incredible $203,150 not for its prestige or popularity, but for its size. Perry was called the Refrigerator for a reason, and his size 25 ring dwarfed people’s hands.

O.J. Simpson’s 1968 Heisman Trophy

Perhaps the most controversial item on this list. OJ Simpson’s Heisman Trophy was auctioned off for $230,000 after he lost his 1999 civil trial.

‘Rudy’ Ruettiger’s Gear from His Only Notre Dame Game

The real-life Rudy’s jersey fetched $241,500, but it was from the game where Daniel Ruettiger only played 27 seconds for his alma mater.

Bruce Smith’s 1941 Heisman Trophy

Bruce Smith’s Heisman Trophy wasn’t the most incredible one, but because of its historical significance it earned a whopping $395,000. His win was one of the brighter moments during America’s dark World War II history.

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