Tom Brady's Teammate Cum Bestfriend Rob Gronkowski Desires To Team Up With Bills Superstar QB Josh Allen

Rob Gronkowski recently said he considered joining the Bills before ultimately retiring ahead of the 2022 NFL season, and it appears the team’s quarterback had a lot to do with his consideration. Let's have a look at the whole story.

What Rob Gronkowski said on it?

“I’m just gonna go with a current quarterback who’s playing right now, actually, and I was just talking about him because I do appreciate his game. I appreciate his style of play, and that’s Josh Allen,” 

Rob Gronkowski added

“I mean, how accurate he is, but also just how much he puts himself, you know, on the line for his team, and that’s what it’s all about for a quarterback.” 

Rob Gronkowski becomes a Bills fan

Gronkowski, who is a native of the Buffalo area, also admitted that he has become a bit of a Bills fan in retirement. He explained that if he were going to return to playing this season, it would’ve been with the Bills.

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