Tom Brady's Teammate Cum Bestfriend Rob Gronkowski  Wants NFL GOAT To Choose Tampa Bay Buccaneers Over The Las Vegas Raiders

Former Buccaneer, Rob Gronkowski, believes Tom Brady would head back to Tampa Bay over the Las Vegas Raiders. Why did he think this way? Let's have a look at the whole story

The speculation over what Tom Brady decides to do next

The speculation over what Tom Brady decides to do in the next chapter of his career now that he is a free agent is running rampant. Teams are making it known that they would like Brady to join them and the media is running with their own thoughts on what he will do.

Why Rob Gronkowski thinks Brady should stay at Tampa Bay?

When prompted with the questions Gronk didn't hesitate and proclaimed that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would be his pick given Brady's tenure with the team and how great the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization is and the relationship he has with the front office.

Will Brady join Raiders or will he stay with Bucs?

No one really knows what Brady is thinking at this point of the process, but what is known is that he loves the game of football and is trying to work on things in his personal life - all of which will surely have an impact on his decision to either retire, return to Tampa Bay, or find another team that is ready to win now.

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