Truth Or Dare: Las Vegas Raiders To Go After Tom Brady While Trading Derek Carr

McDaniels’ Las Vegas Raiders intend to “aggressively pursue” the 45-year-old quarterback when his Tampa Bay Buccaneers contract expires in March, according to a report Sunday from CBS Sports’ Jonathan Jones. Will Tom Brady join Raiders?

What Jones said on chasing Brady?

“Brady is going to be a free agent, and folks around the league don’t see him staying in Tampa,” 

CBS's Jonathan Jones added on Brady

“The Raiders are going to trade or release (current QB) Derek Carr by mid-February, and the Raiders think Brady is a ‘program-changer’ just like he was in Tampa when he arrived.”

Will Tom Brady Join Raiders?

Las Vegas benched longtime starter Carr late in the season, and the veteran QB already has penned a goodbye letter to Raiders fans, making it only a matter of time before he is employed elsewhere. Even at his advanced age, Brady would be an ideal replacement as McDaniels looks to right the ship in Year 2.

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