WATCH: 6 feet 6 Rob Gronkowski Knocks Down 23-7 UFC Fighter Forcing Him To Say ‘F—k That S—t, I’m Sticking To MMA

The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski is a bull when it comes to physique and fitness. Recently, he got featured as a host in the UFC 278 with the Gronks show that presented several memorable moments for the fans, including the one where he knocked down MMA star Kevin Holland.

How Rob knocked out Kevin Holland

Rob Gronkowski and MMA fighter Kevin Holland rushed at each other, holding a pillow covering their torso. And guess what, Gronk stayed stone cold, unwithered, but Holland, with a blink of an eye, touched the ground. All the cotton from his pillow came out, with other panelists banging their pillows at him.

What Kevin Holland said on this

“F–k that S–t, I’m sticking to MMA,” 

Rob Gronkowski gets a major revelation from the UFC President

Although it was a UFC fun night for the Gronks, the former Tight End got to know that he and Tom Brady were destined to go to the Raiders before ending up with the Buccaneers. UFC president Dana White was the man behind setting up a deal after completing all the other formalities.

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