WATCH: Completely Chaotic Brawl Breaks Out At NFL Pre Season Game Between Philadelphia Eagles And Jacksonville Jaguars

A pretty nasty fight broke out in the stands at an NFL preseason game on Saturday night. During the Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Pittsburgh Steelers preseason game, several fans got into a big fight.

Video of the big fight has emerged on social media

A video of the fight went viral on Twitter and fans reacted from both sides.

Credit- Hollywood Wagner/YouTube

There seems to have been more fights 

There seems to have been more fights in the stands at football games in recent years. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail in the games to come.

Upcoming NFL match between Jaguars and Eagles

Upcoming match between Jacksonville Jaguars and Philadelphia Eagles will be on 2nd of October at 10:30 pm, in Lincoln Financial Field 

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