Why 49ers Star Deebo Samuel Wore a Tiger Woods Shirt Under His Jersey?

Deebo Samuel might be far away from Tiger Woods in terms of legacy, but the 'wing back' for the 49ers is on a path to glory. During the Wildcard round against the Cowboys, Deebo sported a Tiger Woods shirt under his red jersey. Why?

Deebo Samuel donning the red Tiger Woods T-shirt

Last match, he was seen wearing Woods; signature shirt under his jersey. Deebo had a special role to play in the offense on Sunday. 

What Deebo Samuel said on this

“I liked the turtle neck and it had his name on it,”

Deebo Samuel added

"He the GOAT, He the Goat indeed"

Was it Tiger Woods' luck that worked for Deebo Samuel?

It was surely a near escape for the Niners, or should it be said that it was the effect of the Tiger red? No one really knows that for sure. But one thing is known for certain that San Francisco is going to the Divisional Round of the playoffs.

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