“You Didn’t Hear What I Am Saying”: Russell Wilson Draws Inspiration From Higher Power After Broncos Emotional Episode

Russell Wilson endured a disastrous season in his first year with the Broncos in 2022. Moreover, his own performance drew a lot of criticism from fans and experts. Ahead of the news, the Broncos made a lot of changes, as Wilson also looking for inspiration from a higher power. 

Wilson’s record breaking move to the Broncos

After a fantastic few years with the Seahawks, Wilson decided to change his franchise and joined the Brocos in 2022 for a $245 million deal. Unfortunately, the Broncos went 5-12 and finished last in AFC West. Moreover, it was Wilson’s worst season in his 11 year playing career. 

Broncos made a colossal change in their squad

After a poor record last season, the Broncos fired Nathaniel Hackett after just 15 games. Now, ahead of the 2023 season, they hired Super Bowl winning legendary coach Sean Payton. Wilson publically expressed his desire to play under Payton, which will be fulfilled in the 2023 season. 

Wilson is drawing inspiration from higher power

Earlier, Wilson shared a motivational video on his Instagram, where a person said, “I put you in the process so that you could go through what was necessary. To be tough enough to stand where I’m taking you. Oh, you didn’t hear what I’m saying. The process makes you tough. It makes you tenacious. The process prunes your heart. It purges your sensibilities. It burns out all the wrong motives you had when you started.” 

Credit - Russell Wilson Instagram

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