Russell Westbrook vs Stephen Curry: What Do The Numbers Say On Who's The Better Point Guard?

How many points did he score in his career? In the playoffs, who averaged more points? Who has won more championships? How many times did each team lead the season? What is the most number of MVP awards? As Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry, two of the most powerful players over these years, were compared, these questions and many more arose. The answer to the question: What Does The Data Say About Who's A Better Point Guard? Click here to learn more.

Stephen Curry has won four championships, while Russell Westbrook has won none. Curry has been in the NBA for 13 seasons, while Westbrook has featured in 14 seasons so far. 

Westbrook played 11 playoff games over the course of his career, while Curry played eight. There are 8 All-star games on Curry's account, whereas there are 9 on Westbrook's.

Having a great performance on the court, both players have a great percentage record.

According to reports, Russell Westbrook has an 18-17 career record against Stephen Curry.

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