From FloJo to Elaine Thompson-Herah: top 5 fastest 100m women sprinters

Florence Griffith Joyner clocked the fastest time in the 100m race back in 1988. To date, no woman has broken the world record. However, some have come close. Let's have a look at the top 5 fastest records in the women's 100m event. 


American sprinting legend holds the fastest time in the 100m event. Florence time is set at 10.49 seconds. 


Tokyo Olympics gold medalist, Jamaican sprinter is the second fastest woman with 10.54 seconds time. 


Jamaican sprinting legend is the third-fastest woman with a time of 10.60 seconds. 

Carmelita JETER

USA's sprinter Carmelita is the fourth fastest woman with a time of 10.64 seconds. 

Marion JONES

USA's Marion has the record of the fifth-fastest time of 10.65 seconds in 100m.

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