When Usain Bolt stunned everyone with his basketball dunking skills

Usain Bolt is the king of track and field. Notably, he loves to try different sports and is remarkably good at it. Let's have a look at his moments in basketball sport.

Bolt's Dunk

Usain Bolt's impressive dunk on the court. 
Credits- YoutubeALSmoove

The Side Dunk

Usain Bolt makes a side dunk. 
Credits- YoutubeALSmoove

Bolt the dominator

Bolt dunking the ball away from others. 
Credits- YoutubeALSmoove

Heading 2

NBA Celebrity 

Usain while playing the NBA celebrity game. 
Credits- YoutubeALSmoove

The Race

Bolt raced with Kevin Hart during the NBA celebrity game. 
Credits- YoutubeNBA

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