Muhammad Ali and other athletes that were nominated for Grammy Awards

Recently Olympic legend Usain Bolt released his record-breaking music album. However, he is not the first athlete to step into the music industry. Let's have a look back at athletes who have won have or have been nominated for prestigious awards.

Magic Johnson

Hall of fame point guard, Magic Johnson won the Grammy for Best Spoken World Album in 1993, for his audiobook, "What you Can Do To Avoid AIDS."

Bernie Williams

Former star New York Yankees center fielder was nominated for Best Instrumental Album back in 2009 for his album, "Moving Forward".

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was nominated for the Grammy award two times for his performance in "I am the Greatest" in 1963 and 1976.

Oscar De La Hoya

Boxer known as the Golden Boy was nominated for Grammy award back in 2000 for Best Latin Pop Album.

50 Cents

Well-known rapper and Grammy award winner, 50 cents was also a boxer and had participated in Junior Olympics. 

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