Shelly-ann Fraser Pryce's 5 most creative hairstyles on the track

Apart from their incredible speed, track, and field women are also known for their looks on the field. Olympic legend Shelly-Ann also has been taking the spotlight with her different hair colors at the field. Let's have a look at the top 5 looks.

Tokyo Olympics

Shelly-Ann colored her hair in different bright colors for Tokyo Olympics as it was her last Olympic games.

Pan American Games

Apart from creating a record, Shelly-Ann colored her hair all green matching with her Jamaican flags green color at the Pan American Games.

Rio Olympics

Shelly-Ann loves to match her hair color with her Jamaican flag and had colored her hair in the mixture of yellow and green colors.

World Athletic Games

At the 2015 World Atheltic Games, Shelly had a very different look. The Sprinting queen wore a sunflower hair band showcasing her bright personality.

World Atheltic Games

In 2015, Shelly-Ann colored her hair in the pink color for the World Athletic Games.

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