Meet Collin Morikawa's Caddie J.J. Jakovac

Collin Morikawa has been one of golf’s rapid success stories. The PGA Tour pro has been competing with tremendous determination, and his hard work is reaping success

Who is jj JAKOVAC

Collin Morikawa has earned massive acclaim on the tour in such a short time. While he deserves all the credit, Morikawa’s caddie J.J. Jakovac should be given a share of the praise as well.

Credit: Youtube/J.J. Jakovac

previous experience 

Jakovac first took up the caddying job on the PGA Tour with Ryan Moore. After working seven years with Moore, Jakovac shifted and worked with players like Matt Bettencourt, Zack Miller, John Merrick,  and Pete Tomasulo. 

Credit: Youtube/J.J. Jakovac

Joining hands with Collin

J.J. Jakovac finally joined hands with Collin Morikawa in 2019 after gaining plenty of caddying experience on the tour. In fact, it was Jakovac who was initially impressed with Morikawa’s game and wanted to work with him. 

Credit: Youtube/J.J. Jakovac

the teaming 

Jakovac urged one of his agent friends to connect with Morikawa’s team about teaming up with the golfer. The duo initially met during the US Open sectional qualifier for the 2019 US Open at Pebble Beach.

Credit: Youtube/J.J. Jakovac

what jj thinks of morikawa

“I know the courses, but he thinks like a caddie out there, which is cool. He doesn’t play too conservative; he plays smart," Jakovac said about Morikawa

Credit: Youtube/DustinJohnson 

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