NFT “rookie cards” have a much better chance of global access, because anyone with an internet connection can purchase and store these digital assets. Let's have a look at the most expensive soccer NFTs ever sold 

Lionel Messi: Wrapped CryptoStrikers, Iconics
( $128,512)

There are just 13 Lionel Messi Iconics NFTs from the Wrapped Strikers set

Mohamed Salah: Wrapped Strikers, Iconics

During the release of the project, there was a “card of the day” which featured top players in the 2018 World Cup. This is the most expensive Wrapped Striker card that has been sold

Kevin De Bruyne:
 Unique Sorare 

Kevin De Bruyne is a 30-year-old Midfielder and some argue he’s one of the best players in the world. His 1/1 Unique Sorare card was sold for 52 ETH or $167,469.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Unique Sorare

Ronaldo may be the most popular soccer player in the world, and this Unique 1/1 NFT sold for $265,275.55

Lionel Messi:
 “The Golden One”

The  “Messiverse” collection included this 1/1 “The Golden One” designed by Bosslogic . It had a reserve price set at $50,000 but rocketed to over $1 million in bids

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