The weirdest ways Cristiano Ronaldo has spent his millions

Ronaldo is not only one of the highest-paid athletes to ever exist, but he is also one of the most extravagant spenders in the world. 

Wax Statue 
of himself

Ronaldo reportedly pays for a hair stylist to see the original version at Madrid's Museum of Wax once a month to make sure the hairstyle is current.

Football Themed

The hotel has hallways that are carpeted with faux-grass to look like a soccer field, as well as sports memorabilia such as Ronaldo's shirts, trophies, and sneakers, throughout the property.


Ronaldo is reportedly a fan of cryotherapy, where the body is subjected to temperatures as low as minus 264 degrees Fahrenheit to help muscles recover and to heighten alertness.

Gifted a Greek Island 
to his agent

Ronaldo purchased an unnamed island somewhere in Greece as a wedding gift to his manager, Jorge Mendes

The diamond-encrusted custom watch is made by Jacob and co.

The watch is fitted with 424 white diamonds and is worth around a giant $1.85 million. The almost 2-million-dollar watch has so many diamonds in it that it can’t even tell the time

£27,000 Wine 

Ronaldo spent £27,000 on two bottles of wine during a 15-minute bar visit, stunned onlookers revealed

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