Manchester United Super Star Paul Pogba's Most Eccentric Hairstyles

Paul Pogba has attracted several eyes over the years for his propensity to alter his style every few weeks. That said, here are some of Pogba's most eccentric hairstyles.


Special Concoction for Euro 2016 that saw Pogba once again dabbing in a graffiti style onto the side of his head.

Pogflash Mk II

One last- gasp victory over Newcastle is hardly enough to win over the doubters, but still Pogba has opted to celebrate with a lighting strike.


He must have been a 90s kid. Pogba Etched the Pokemon character into his head while playing for Juventus in 2016.


An early inkling of what was to come, with definite hints of Pepe Le Pew.


This detailed homage to the Milk Snake represents perhaps Pogba's most complex dye job.


 Paul Pogba as shown his support for Black Lives Matter with his new haircut.

Paul Pogba has shown his support for Black Lives Matter with his new haircut.


Paul Pogba reveals new Minion inspired haircut.

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